Surprisingly Problematic

Surprisingly Problematic

Generation X is back to whine about their lost youth and the movies they loved in the 80s that turn out to be surprisingly problematic by today's standards.

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    Flash Gordon

    2018 became so problematic that this podcast seemed superfluous for a while. Who can save humanity? Only the king of the impossible, or rather the Queen. Following the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, David McCreath returns to re-record the lost Flash Gordon episode and revisit the gloriously unselfconscious satin-packed finale of the 70s, before a new era of more cynical excess begins.

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    Steamy teen sex in a steel mill town over an amazing new wave soundtrack. Kio Stark brings this hidden gem of the early mid-80s to our attention. Aidan Quinn makes his screen debut as a rebel on a motorcycle who catches the eye of good-girl cheerleader Tracey. Mild violence and sexual situations ensure. You'll never think about career day the same again.

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    St. Elmo's Fire

    What's the opposite of friends with benefits? Kristina Halvorson revisits her feelings for the worst people in the world, but mostly for Andrew McCarthy. Nothing about this is OK.

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    Pretty in Pink

    Matt Haughey flips the first pancake. We talk about clothes, and cars, and coke, so much coke for a movie about going to the prom. The levels are all over the place as we reacquaint ourselves with the modern art of sound editing.

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